Wednesday, February 2, 2011


im gonna miss you 

this time visit to penang . nothing much . and i kinda hate it .
but tomorrow before im off to kl .
we gonna meet .
he want to sent me to the bus station .
maybe a little discussion about our relationship .
insyaallah . everything gonna be just fine .
you are the first i met when im back to penang .
and u r the last person im gonna meet before im off to kl .
and sorry to you . WIS .
sorry for all the wrong doings .
i never change .
kl = penang
the same fatin syamimi abdul rashid
maybe both of us . have the same ego
thats why it ends this way .
so tomorrow we gonna discuss this over .
hope theres no more madness :(
because i never mad at you .
just despair .

so thanks to all my friends . 
awesome not much awesomeness . 
hahaha . understand me ?
you always cheer me up ! 
and thanks for the sunburn you got me !
i hate you girl !
now im black and theres lots of pimples in my face !
nadia . shing yee . shafiqah kecik . lissy lisa
thanks cuz u guys cheer my alumni day . 
nazril . shidah
thanks for the gossip in front of my house . 
it was awesome !
natasha fairuza 
nice meeting you girl . and love to hug u some more !
noraini ibrahim
thanks for the wake up call in my bed .
come and wake me up . 
praise me 
then gossip !
zahir alhady aka baby
nice meeting you dear 
gossiping . heart to heart
i'll miss you like hell .
trust me !
shaher . emy's
thanks for the transportation 
thanks for calling and treat me like a PRINCESS
lisha . intan 
2 sisters that cheer up my beach day .
mia . aznil . imran
im sorry . 
about our picnic
it was cancle .
which i didnt know it was cancle 
and im already cooks for the picnic .
im looking foward to meet you guys .
but theres no chance .
maybe next time all my syang .

mama . ayah 
thanks for the food . ngee
thanks for the trip to kedah . 
it was awesome .
thanks for cooks me all the meals i want to eat .
farah syuhaida
thanks for all the gossip .
thanks cuz being a good listener .
thanks for the laugh in every single jokes or speaks i've made .
u silly girl .
but i love and adore you !
fairuz syahirah . aliff qayyum 
thanks for being naughty little sibling .
and thanks also for the PRINCESS treat .
i enjoyed it ! ngee

iknowyouloveme . xoxo

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