Thursday, December 16, 2010

yeah . IM PROUD !


korang tgk tajuk ? korang rsa entry kali ni pasal apa ? HAHAHA . yeah . i have to says that im proud . so proud . u guys wanna know why ? 

okey . arini mimi ada advance eng 1 class . :) if u guys have read my last entry . mesti korang tahu siapa yg ada dlm klas tuh .

* amazing lecturer !
* hanif !!!!!! :D
* amazing classmates !

so last week . madam mel dah bg assignment kat kitaorg . a group assignment indeed . :) so my group team is one and only ikin . lulu cullen * add as friends * HAHAHAH .

haishh . mesti bla korang kata . wtfish ? first week of semester dah ada assignment . lame gla ! but hey guys . its just a simple assignment . me and lulu has to discuss in front of the class what adverb is all about .

simple ayte ? yup . btw who hates grammer? put ur hand ups ! * yeahh . thats me . i hate grammar . seriusly !! even . we have been taught about grammar like what ? forever ? yeah !! but still . i hate u babe . dont blame me :D

so . me and lulu prepared for the presentation likes 4 hours before the presentation starts . best kan ? but alhamdulillah . we managed to completed it :)

then kami masok la klas pada jam 4 pm . yeah . others group present dulu . we are the forth . :D seriusly . before present . hati dok dup dap dup dap . bukan sbb takot ka apa . mimi just takot mimi nnti kecewa sbb xbuat yg terbaek . and makes my favourite lecturer didnt prouds of me :(
i dont want that to happend ! seriusly ! 

so when its comes to our turn . i was like . * ya allah . permudahkan lah semuanya :)

so me and lulu . explain everything what its adverb ? the examples .  and alhamdulillah :) everybody in the class gaves us an applause . :)
yes ! im so proud . because we are the only teams that received an applause from the audience :) thanks classmates . ilyg!

then whats makes me super proud is madam mel says that our presentation is prefects ! complete ! theres nothing that she can corrects us . * excellent she said!

alhamdulillah .

yeah . i loves to talks . speaks in english . but i hate the grammer . and im lazy to write an essays . :(

there's another story .

masa mimi skolah dulu . when its comes to speaks or communicating in english . mimi pasti akan tawarkan diri . but somes of my classmates suka perli bla diaorg dgr mimi ckp english . they said that :

* fatin tuh ska perasaan dia omputih
* fatin tuh suka ckp english pelat 
* fatin tuh ckp english slang dia bukan malaysia punya . british or american punya .

yeah . when i speaks in english . my slang will be like different than others . i have an english essence . this is because . masa mimi standard two lagi sampai darjah enam . parents mimi dah hantar mimi pergi british council . learned everything about english . and from that i learned their english slang . 

so bukan mimi mengada gada nk buat slang mcm omputih bla ckp bhasa inggeris . n still . sampai skrang . bla mimi ckp ja omputih bla kuar . or communicate with others in english . everyone akan mcm * hum . xnak ckp lahh nnti mimi sakit hati . 

so mimi hnya ckp dlm bahasa inggeris bla dlm klas . presentation . and im impressed bla classmates puji about my english . thank you guys . and yg paling penting . 

alhamdulillah . thanks allah for this ability :) 



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